The Export Directory – African Markets Magazine is a Bi-Annual publication,
published by MTI Media. This bi-annual publication is a quick reference tool guide
for African prospective importers of goods and services from South Africa. This
directory has product categories in all the A to Z major sectors of the South African
economy ranging from capital equipment to chemicals etc....

Some of the product and service category covered by the Export Directory includes
the following Sectors:

Automotive Equipment
Agriculture Equipment and Chemicals
Capital Equipment and Allied Services
Plastics & Polymers
Packaging and Storage Solution
Industrial Equipment

Readership and distribution - (Breakdown):

The Export Directory is distributed through out Africa using the following channels

  1. South African Trade Missions in Africa
  2. Various Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce throughout Africa
  3. Major Private and Parastatal Companies in Africa through their procurement
    Departments such as Airtel, ZESA, Orascom etc...
  4. Distributed at various annual trade exhibitions in Africa

Rate and Spec card:

2013 rate card >>> : 690 KB in PDF format


Demographics Distribution By Percentage:

Southern Africa – 35%
East Africa – 25%
West Africa – 28%
Central Africa – 10%
North Africa – 2%    

Print Run

The export Directory has a total print run of 52,000 copies

Benefits of Participating Export Directory:
  1. Direct Access to relevant target market for your export product and services
  2. Export Directory compliments your online initiatives to market your product
    and services.
  3. Africa by far is the largest importer of SA goods, Africa looks to SA first for
    products and services before the look to East because of short proximity.
  4. Cost effective way of exposing your products and services to the right target
No. of pgs
The Export Directory Issue 6: Jul - Dec 2013 Issue 27 MB
The Export Directory Issue 5: Jan - Jun 2013 Issue 50 MB
The Export Directory Issue 4: Jul - Dec 2012 Issue 69 MB
The Export Directory Issue 3: Jan - Jun 2012 Issue 38 MB
The Export Directory Issue 2: Jul - Dec 2011 Issue 42 MB
The Export Directory Issue 1: Jan - Jun 2011 Issue 36 MB
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